About Us

In 1870 the Söllinger family acquired the property and started up the sawmill in addition to their farming activities. In the following decades this company became one of the most efficient enterprises in the timber-sawing industry in Austria and is now owned and run by the 5th generation of the family. Using the latest technology and supported by highly skilled staff, we always endeavour to produce a top-quality product, to react quickly and flexibly to our customers’ requirements and the ever-changing market situation, and to deliver punctually.


  • 1870:
    The Söllinger family purchased the property and opened the sawmill parallel to their agricultural business. Installation of a lateral frame saw driven by water power. Output 800cbm/year
  • 1957: Construction of a new frame saw, installation of a main saw
  • 1964: Modernization of the existing frame saw. Output 5,000cbm/year
  • 1977: Construction of a new frame saw, capacity increased to 10,000fm/year
  • 1980: Erection of a planing plant
  • 1983: First log-sorting crane
  • 1987: Installation of a saw for final cutting in the existing frame saw plant, capacity increased to 15,000cbm/year
  • 1989: Construction of a log-measuring, cross-cutting and sorting facility
  • 1991:
    New log-sorting crane
  • 1994: Installation of a butt end reducer, output 18,000cbm/year
  • 1996: Construction of 2 new warehouses for storage of sawn wood
  • 1997: Installation of a new, automatic trimming facility, Output increased to 25,000cbm/year
  • 2000: Construction of a log band saw plant
  • 2003: Installation of a new debarking facility for large blocks
  • 2004: Construction of a transformer station and purchase of a CNC-controlled aligning machine for saw blades Installation of a metal detector in the log-sorting facility
  • 2005: 35,000cbm/year sawing output is reached
  • 2006:
    Renovation and extension of a planing facility Construction of a 150m³ drying kiln